A 30 second Tv commercial shown on local channels in Vancouver showing the happy customers and clients of Manila Express Cargo.  There were 5 branches all over the lower mainland in Vancouver that can service you on your cargo and money remittance.
The legacy stands out on this company.  Through the years,  Manila Express Cargo has shown quality of service and respect to their employees.  They formed this institute with full of trust, loyalty and togetherness.
"Kahit  saan man Kayo, nakasisigurong malapit Kami sa Inyo"        "Kahit  saan man Kayo, nakasisigurong malapit Kami sa Inyo"
     Manila Express Cargo is considered one of the pioneering cargo and money remittance company and an innovator in the delivery and shipping industry in British Columbia, Canada.  In 1985, the founders of Manila Express saw an opportunity for the need of a money remittance service for the Filipino Canadian community in Vancouver. An office was quickly established on West Broadway, the first of many that was to open across Canada.  Initially, representatives/agents were appointed in BC and Alberta, but as the business grew, more wholly owned branches were established

     In 1993, the company again saw the need to integrate money services with a freight forwarding company and thus, Manila Cargo was born. It piggy backed itself to the success of Manila Express since it had the same customer base.  Our customers were happy to go to a one stop shop where they could send monies back home as well as their cargo boxes for relatives and friends in the Philippines.

     Manila Cargo is proud and has full service branches across Canada.  Manila Cargo offers sea cargo shipment from Canada and to any part of the Philippines.  Manila Express offers money transfers and  door-to-door services to Manila and many other areas in the Philippines. 

About Manila Express Cargo
This Tv commercial shown in Vancouver showing the 25 years in Service of Manila Express Cargo.  It defines the magical moments of each team through the years.
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     Today, Manila Express  and Manila Cargo are able to reach its customers across Canada with full service Branches in the following cities: Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto , Scarborough, Montreal as well as representatives in Victoria, Yukon, Ft. McMurray, Camrose, Red Deer and Ottawa.

     Manila Express and Manila Cargo are determined to continue to be the leader in the business of providing remittance and cargo services to its clients across Canada. And, as the Filipino Canadian community continues to grow, we are poised and ready to grow with it.

     Today, the legacy lives on.  Celebrating its 26th year of service,  and we are proud to say "Thank you for your continuous support.  And we are looking forward to your continuing trust  for the next 25 and more!  SALAMAT PO !"

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